Back us

How to become an ownershift backer

Our aim is big, and to make a big difference we need to do it together. Therefore, we welcome you to back us through providing your time, knowledge, cash and/or by opening doors.


To become a contributor in the operative think tank you need suitable experience or perspective and we ask that you spend at least 50 hours in a year. We will evaluate the composition of the core team every six months.


If you contribute with cash your money will help us start up the foundation and finance our first public report Ägarinnabilden (Owneress overview) that will address how ownership is structured in Sweden, why and what we can do about it.


Examples of what we need is history and insurance experts, but we are sure you know what knowledge you have that we need. Let us know.

Opening doors

Do you know people that represent themselves or relevant organisations, that can back us with knowledge or cash – open the door for us.